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100 pages - 21 cm x 14,8 cm


Illustrations : Benoît Drager

Cover : Simon Sternis




(version 2)



Any Card At Any Number is the Holy Grail of card magic. 

Someone names a card, someone names a number and in MirACAAN, they make it happen... Their card at their number !



Regular and freely examinable deck

No gimmicks

No pre-show

No crib sheet

No restrictions

For Close-up, Stage or Walk around


pdf file sent after 12h maximum


39€ + 9€ shipping

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The Any Card at Any Number plot is one of the most fascinating plots in card magic. I was naturally drawn to it many years ago. After studying other methods, I decided to publish mine.


In MirACAAN, I offer you a detailed and systematic approach to the ACAAN plot. This approach includes every possible venue, from informal to formal situations (close-up, stage, at home with friends…). You will never touch the cards and make the miracle happen! This will leave your spectators stunned.


If you are looking for a compilation of moves / sleight of hands, then MirACAAN is NOT for you. But if you are ready to practice and interested in a routine that looks like real magic, designed to fool and entertain the layperson, then this is for you!


See the testimonials below...






Dorian Caudal is a true disciple of The Berglas Effect. He understands it intimately and long ago realised how limiting traditional sleight of hand is at achieving the effect. With his MirACAAN he has created a masterpiece that is a subtle and elegant blend of multiple methods to achieve the perfect effect. If you study this and put into practise everything he teaches you too will have a reputation making effect.


Marc Paul


Your excellent book is both clever and fascinating. You cover the various aspects of this routine and make it all work so smoothly. I certainly think this is a worthy addition to the ACAAN plot.


Peter Duffie


Dorian's ACAAN is a fun fast paced mentalism routine that is sure to blow your participant's mind. It stays very close to the original guidelines and is practical. Absorb, practice and destroy ! Great !


Peter Turner


MirACAAN is an advanced solution to the Any Card At Any Number plot that serious students of card magic will want to study and practice. The amount of thought that went into this is staggering and well worth the read.


Jason Messina




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